Figuring out what to do with your used light bulbs can be a bit of a hassle. Thankfully, light bulbs can be recycled. It’s also a good thing especially now that people are shifting to more energy efficient bulbs, and are having trouble with disposing of their old bulbs. Before you throw out you old bulbs keep these few tips in mind. 

Local Laws on Light Bulb Recycling Read up on your area’s laws on recycling light bulbs or visit your neighborhood recycling centers. They should have more information on how you can properly dispose of your light bulbs and if you can recycle them. Some centers would only accept certain types of light bulbs so it’s best to know which ones you can save and recycle and which ones you need to throw out. 

Storing Them Keep in mind that some power friendly bulbs actually contain toxic chemicals, so you have to be careful and make sure that you dispose of them properly. Some place their bulbs back in the boxes they’re packed so the shards of glass would be contained in case the bulb breaks. 

Use your Imagination There’s always a frustrated artist in all of us. When the recycling center in your area won’t accept your old light bulbs, get creative and think of a few art or design projects that you can use them in. go online and check out DIY projects that uses old bulbs. LED light bulbs are particularly easy to use for DIY projects since they’re made with plastic and are more versatile. 

Reduce The next time you buy new bulbs, choose power efficient ones. The shift to new, power friendly lights is not just a fad. It’s one way to do your share on saving power and cutting down waste. Bulbs that are power efficient will use up less energy and they also last longer. Old incandescent bulbs have become too expensive to maintain.

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