If you’re tired of having to spend more time looking for a flashlight than using it, consider a chargeable light bulb. MoMA Design Store developed a bulb that you can just unscrew and use as a flashlight. The problem with flashlights is that they’re so easy to lose. If you’re anything like me, you have one stashed away somewhere, but you’re just not exactly sure where that is. Maybe it’s in the basement, or maybe it’s stuffed into a drawer. Who knows. And even if you are able to find it, there’s no assurance that it actually has working batteries. Moral of this story? When the lights go out, we’re pretty much screwed. For the chronically unprepared, Lin GuoHui’s Bulb Light for the MoMA Design Store is a godsend. Not only is the battery rechargeable, but its dock is as obvious as it gets: your lamp. “I experienced a blackout and the battery in my torch had gone flat, and I had nothing else to light up my house that night,” says GuoHui. “So that was when the idea struck me to create an emergency light source using something we use everyday.” More on wired.


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