Brand names mean quality. That used to be the conventional line of thought when it came to buying products, but when it comes to LED light bulbs, there are no hard and fast rules.

Sure, dealing with a reputable company is important, but high quality LED lighting solutions aren’t exclusive to big name brands like Philips and GE. Smaller manufacturers offer products that are just as good, if not better.

Below are some benefits of going for less-popular brands when buying LED light bulbs. 

Better Deals Smaller brands tend to offer lower prices on their products to be more competitive, but that doesn’t mean their products are cheap or faulty. Other brands might offer LEDs at the same price point of big brands, but they’re more likely to have some kind of promotion or special deal to entice customers to buy. 

Lower Price, Same Product Quality As mentioned earlier, big brands don’t equate ‘big’ quality. All LED lighting products sold in Australia went through quality assurance tests before going on the market. Moreover, big brands are not immune from product problems.

In fact, Philips had to issue a recall on the Master LED Bulb because of a defect in one batch—they were reported to leak an electric current when in use, causing an electric shock when touched. LEDs don’t exactly come cheap, so if you want to get the most out of your money, try to look up some lesser known brands, making sure you check for customer reviews and product specs before placing an order. 

More Variety Because of the pressure they face, smaller LED lighting manufacturers tend to be more creative and adventurous with their products. It’s common to see smaller companies come out with zany LED lights on consumer electronics shows like CES. Whether that’s your thing or not, it’s good to have as much variety in your life.

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