Have you tried driving home to your garage only to find it dark because the lights were out? It’s likely that you tripped over something while trying to find your way to the house because you couldn’t see a thing, right? Unfortunately, not many people think too much of their garage, seeing it only as a place to keep the car in. But if you keep tools and other important items in the garage beside your car, it’s important to ensure that the area is well lit, the better to maximize visibility, safety, and security. Here are some pointers on lighting your garage. 

Use light bulbs with long lifespans The best way to avoid frequently changing your garage’s light bulbs is to switch to lighting solutions with longer life spans. As far as longevity goes, LED light bulbs are king of the hill, lasting at least 10 times longer (15,000 hours) than your average incandescent light bulb (1,500 hours). LEDs may have a slightly higher price tag, but when you factor in the energy savings and reduced replacement costs they bring to the table, you begin to realize just how good an investment they are. 

Change lights that need replacement When a light bulb begins to flicker, consider replacing it right away with a newer alternative—like an LED. Don’t wait for your light bulbs to burn out, as this might happen at the most inconvenient of times. It’s a good idea to check a light bulb’s expected life span (usually in hours) to have a good estimate of how long it will last. 

Testing The best way to know if the lights are working properly is to test them. Turn them on and off to see if they still generate light. If the lights are beginning to flicker, consider immediate replacement. For ideas on which LED bulbs to use for garage contact the LiquidLEDs support team.

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