Pittsburg is just one of the many cities that are using LEDs to light up public areas. Currently, they’re testing a few bulbs to measure their performance in the downtown area. The City of Pittsburg is having a trial run with some new light bulbs downtown. Four LED lights were put in on Broadway at 7th Street. The lights use 75% less energy than the bulbs the city currently uses. Director of Public Works Bill Beasley says the LED lights do cost more than the current lights, but the city is looking for a more economical way to light Broadway. "We want to see first off that we are getting the amount of light the manufacturer has indicated that we'll get out of those lights. And the other thing we want to do is we want to see that we will be seeing some energy savings in that," said Bill Beasley, Pittsburg Director of Public Works. Read on at Four States.


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