Baby Room Lights

Decorating your new baby’s room is an exciting, but a tiresome task. The room has to look beautiful and fun, from the furniture to the color. Even choosing which lighting system can be a bit of a difficult task. Light fixtures are the most overlooked component in any room. Most of us often think that placing a few bulbs on the ceiling and adding some lamps here and there is enough, but there’s more to it especially when it comes to lighting a child’s bed room. Below are a few things to remember when picking out the light system for your baby’s room. 

Cost If you’re the type of parent that would want to splurge on your baby, then cost won’t be a problem. However, most of us will take this in consideration. After all, having kids is already expensive enough. After thinking about how much their education is going to cost, you’d want to cut down on expenses. The easiest way is to choose bulbs that use less power, like LED light bulbs, in your kid’s room. They don’t cost as much now as they did before, and you can get a few other features, like mobile control, on these bulbs. 

Brightness Avoid installing lights that will make the baby uncomfortable because of its brightness. Choose a warm toned bulb that’s not too bright. Bubs that give out a harsh light can irritate your baby’s eyes and make them feel uncomfortable. You can even install a dimmer which can let you adjust the brightness of the light, making it easier for nap and sleep time. 

Safety This should be a top priority. You don’t want a glass bub accidentally breaking in your child’s room. Choose a light bulb that’s made with a sturdier material, such as plastic. LEDs are your best choice since other plastic bulbs might contain chemicals that are harmful to the baby. LED lights also give off less excess heat which is a big plus for a child’s bedroom.

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