There are so many different kinds of light bulbs in the market these days that it’s confusing to know which one to pick. But learning about these bulbs is actually quite simple. CFLs, LEDs, halogen, incandescent — it seems you need a Ph.D. in electrical engineering to determine which light bulbs to buy these days. The good news is that there are plenty of lighting choices for your home, and with a little homework, you can pick the bulb that fits your particular lightning need. When choosing a light bulb, the first thing I recommend is reading the package. Back in 2011, the Federal Trade Commission began requiring light bulb manufacturers to use new labeling on packaging to help consumers choose the most efficient bulbs for their needs. These new labels clearly spell out a bulb’s brightness, measured in lumens, along with the bulb’s life expectancy, estimated yearly energy cost and information about the appearance of the light, such as “warm” or “cool.” Read on at Detroit News.Com.


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