Looking for LED bulbs that won’t break the bank? You might want to check out Philip’s LED lights for a cost and power effective lighting option. 

A new lightbulb from Philips, combined with a special deal from Home Depot, means that efficient bulbs with a 10-year lifespan cost as little as $2.50 apiece. Similar bulbs cost $25 or more not long ago. Around Earth Day 2013, the average price of an LED lightbulb with the equivalent brightness of a 60W incandescent bulb was about $25. The average American house has roughly 40 lightbulbs, so upgrading your home to LED cost a cool $1,000. But, as with virtually every emerging tech and consumer product, prices for LED bulbs have dropped steadily as manufacturing has ramped up and the products have been embraced in the mainstream. When This Old House published a guide to LED bulbs a year ago, most of the 60W equivalent bulbs it recommended sold at retail for $20, some went as high as $35, and one outlier was priced at a comparatively cheap $10. Manufacturers and retailers have also periodically used coupons and rebates to further bring down the cost and tempt consumers into into buying unfamiliar, non-incandescent bulbs. Read more at Time.Com.

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