Philips is putting a portable spin on their successful Hue LED lighting system, releasing a new, self-contained LED lamp with added tech features called the Hue Go. 

Philips has achieved no small measure of success with its Hue LED lighting system, which is controlled by Philips' own Wi-Fi bridge and can be integrated into other connected-home systems, such as the Wink and Wink Relay. Now the company has introduced a new self-contained lamp that can operate on a base connected to a wall outlet or on its own internal battery for up the three hours. The hemispherical design and translucent surface enables the Hue Go to cast its light in various directions. You can position it flat to direct its light up, or at an angle to cast accent lighting on a nearby wall or to illuminate an object of art or other point of interest. Touching a button on the bottom of the lamp cycles through seven effects—the usual warm white and cool daylight—plus five that Philips calls “natural dynamic effects:” Cozy Candle, Sunday Coffee, Meditation, Enchanted Forest, and Night Adventure. Full story on Tech Hive.

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