Light up an Aquarium

If you’re into keeping beautiful aquariums and a number of fish species, then lighting is the easiest way to show it off. However, choosing the right light is important. You might think that the fishes and other living creatures in your aquarium won’t mind, but some fishes are actually light sensitive. You might hurt them by installing harsh light bulbs under or over their tank. Below are a few ways on how to light up your aquarium without bothering the fish. 

LED tubing These tubes have little LED light bulbs inside them and are commonly used as accent or decorative lighting. You can get these in meters at any hardware or home improvement supply store. The great thing about these tubing is that they provide enough light to the tank without blinding the fish. 

Back lighting Set you aquarium up in a way that it lights up from the back. A main issue about lighting a tank is the heat produced by the light. Some lights produce too much heat that it could change the temperature of the water. Try to place the light a few inches away from the glass so it doesn’t heat up as much. You can also try to use bulbs that don’t heat up like LEDs. 

Overhead lighting Hanging lamps on top of a tank provides a lot of light. You can simply just place light fixtures on top of the tank and adjust it to the perfect height. But it can be a bit risky, accidents might happen and the bulb might fall into the tank. If you’re planning to place overhead lighting above the tank, make sure there’s something to protect it or cover it from the top without disrupting the light like a screen cover.


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