There are hundreds of bulbs to choose from in the market for outdoor lighting. When choosing a bulb for an outdoor space, there are a few things to consider.

First, it needs to be suitable for the outdoors. A regular light bulb may easy break if you use it outdoors. It also needs to be bright enough that you won’t need a lot of bulbs to light up a big area. lastly, it needs to be easy to maintain and long lasting. It’s a real hassle when you constantly have to change your outdoor light bulbs.

The best bulb to use for outdoor lighting would be LED light bulbs. They’re outdoor safe, bright and last longer compared to other bulbs in the market. Below are a few other benefits that these bulbs offer. 

They’re Energy Friendly One of the best benefits of these bulbs is that they’re one for the best energy efficient bulbs in the market. LED lights use a fraction of what incandescent or halogen lights use to make the same brightness. You can save hundreds of dollars on your energy bill just by switching over to outdoor LED lights, making them one of the best investments you can ever make. 

Safer Streets Studies have proven that bright, well-lit outdoor public areas are safer. Crime and accident rates are low because people can see the whole space properly. Keeping your outdoor area bright is your way of helping with the neighborhood’s safety. And since LED lights give out a very bright light, it’s perfect for the job. 

Decorative Use You can decorate your outdoor area with these lights. LED lights come in all shapes, sizes and colors so you can get really creative and jazz up your outdoor space and landscape with lights.


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