Outdoor Lighting – Lighting Up your Backyard for a Party

Lighting Up your Backyard for a Party

Those summer nights are perfect for intimate parties for your friends and family where you can just sit around, relax and have fun. Having a backyard party is really hectic. You have to worry about preparing the food, making sure everything is organized and inviting people over. Not to mention you have to prepare the area and make sure it’s well lit so people can see what they’re doing. Here are a few tips on how to light up a backyard party. 

Walkway lights These are very important because you don’t want your guest to trip and fall while walking and moving around. You’re lucky if you have those built in guild lights that you install underground. But if you don’t, get creative and use small lights like battery powered LEDs. You can get these by the dozen for cheap and you can place them next to the walkway so they can guide your guest. 

Lanterns If you really want to go for a classic design, you can get lanterns stringed up and hung to light up the whole place. You can also use glass lanterns, but instead of using candles, which could be dangerous, use the same battery powered LED light bulbs. They might not make enough light, but they’re great for an accent piece. 

Candles For a more romantic and cozy feel, light up the area with candles. Use those really big, sturdy ones that don’t burn as fast so you can entertain all night without having to worry about it becoming too dark. But don’t rely on them alone. You still need to think of other light sources to keep the space bright. Place these on top of the table for a wonderful center piece and use natural scented candles like orange and hardwood to make it extra special.


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