Weather-Proof Led Lights

Outdoor lighting is important for two main reasons: it helps keep the outside well lit and safe. At least you won’t have to walk around the dark looking for your house’s door. It’s also important for aesthetic proposes. It gives the house a better appearance since you can see it. Gardens and landscapes depend on outdoor lighting during the night. In fact outdoor lighting is a big part of the whole design. Keeping your outdoor lights weather-proof is important. You don’t want to end up having to change your light bulbs every season because of the climate changes. Here are a few tips. Use outdoor light bulbs If you can find them, use bulbs that are meant to be used outdoors. Some outdoor light fixtures need a certain bulb to make sure it stays on no matter what the weather is. Try to get a bulb that can stand different temperatures and humidity. Your best bet is to use LEDs since these are made to last longer.

Ask the sales person if you can use the bulb for outdoor lighting or read the packaging before you buy it. Protect your fixtures Placing them on areas where they’re protected and covered is a big help, especially if it’s snowing. This is a big issue especially when it comes to ground lighting. Most of the time fog lights are placed on elevated areas so they don’t really get as much damage, but from ground lighting like walkway lights, these can get covered in water or snow depending on the season. Keep them covered or get light fixtures that are elevated to keep water out. Keep them well maintained Maintenance is keep to make sure your outdoor lights work properly. Remember to change them every now and then. You should remember the usage life of the bulbs and roughly calculate how long you can use them. To make the most, use energy friendly bulbs since they last longer. Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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