Outdoor Lighting – Getting ready for the Holidays

Holiday Lighting

The holiday season is definitely rolling in, so getting the house ready is already in many people’s to-do lists. The easiest way to jazz up a home for the holidays is by placing lights outside, and if you’re planning to entertain over the holidays, great lighting is a must. Outdoor lighting for entertainment and the holidays is pretty simple once you get the basic idea. You just need to make sure that the lights are festive and fit the mood or theme of your party. Below are a few tips to help you though the holiday season. 

Use stringed lights No matter what holiday it is, you can use a few stringed lights to jazz up an area. It’s better if you invest in the regular ones without any decorations since you can use them all through the holiday season. Try to mixed and matched different sizes, colors and lengths. Although these are commonly made out of tiny incandescent bulbs, you can also substitute energy friendly light tubing made with LEDs, which are safer because they generate less heat. 

Candles Candles are also a great way to light up your outdoor holiday party. If you’re lucky to have good weather during this time of the year, set up a comfy and homey party with home cooked food and candles for your friends. You can get different scents that remind of fall and winter, so light up a few and bring some romantic glow to your party. 

Get energy friendly bulbs The holidays mean more lights, so this also affects the power bill. To help cut off power consumption, try to get fixtures made from power friendly or eco-friendly lights, like LEDs.. These don’t take as much power to use and you can use them longer. For any comments or questions, contact our customer support hotline.


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