Light therapy has become one of the most popular alternatives for people who suffer from mood disorders. Basically, they expose themselves to lights, commonly with LEDs, for a period of time to help boost their mood and stabilize it. Some people think that it only causes a placebo effect or that the person only thinks that they’re getting better, however, many researches have shown that light has can actually have a psychological effect on us. Aside from stabilizing mood disorders, light therapy also has other uses. 

Light Therapy Mask for your Skin Some skin care institutions use light therapy as a way maintain good skin and even control acne break outs. Special medical supply and cosmetic stores even sell these light therapy mask that people can use in their own home. These light masks are supposed to give users smoother, clearer complexion, fewer blemishes and breakouts, less redness and less flaky, oily or dry skin. 

Fixing your Sleep Cycle Other than our moods, light can also affect how active we can be. There have been numerous researches where they place a subject in a room where they can control the light. The subjects showed that they become more active and awake when the lights are on and feel tired as the researches dim it down. These results are being used by home decorators to help create the perfect atmosphere for rest and relaxation for their clients. They use LED bulbs that are controllable so the person in the room can adjust how bright or dim they want the room to be. For any comments or questions, contact our customer support hotline.


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