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Working a 9 to 5 shift can be really boring and tiresome. You have to punch in early in the morning, take an hour break for lunch and hurry home after work to take care of your family. As a business owner or manager, you need to consider the stress your staff goes through every day. There are a few things to help them become more productive, and you can start with changing your office’s or workplace’s lights. Lighting actually plays a big part in being productive. Here are a few tips on how you can turn your office lights from plain to exciting. 

Brighten Things Up If your office or workspace has a dim look to it, your employees will naturally feel sleepy. Get rid of that dim ambience and add new lights to the space. You can also change the bulbs you currently have with ones that give out a brighter light output like LED bulbs, this way you have more light, but still enjoy low power consumption overall. Try to make your work area bright, but not too bright that it starts to irritate everyone’s eyes. 

Color It Up Add some color to the space. You can use colored light bulbs or colored tubes which you can get at any home improvement or hardware shop. Not only do these bulbs give your space a nice color, it also brings the room to life and makes it look less boring. Place these colored lights on the wall or under the panels to give them a boost. 

Less Heat, More Comfort One of the biggest drawbacks to using several light bulbs is the heat they can produce, which can make the room very uncomfortable. There are certain bulbs, like LED light bulbs, that don’t produce high heat levels, making them ideal for the work place. For further assistance, comments and questions, contact our customer support hotline.


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