The town of Newmarket will soon be lit up with brighter lights from LEDs. The new lights will also help save them thousands on power cost. 

A townwide energy savings program that will see the replacement of the municipality’s more than 7,500 high pressure sodium and mercury vapour streetlight fixtures with energy-efficient LED technology is underway. The program is expected to save the town about $300,000 in electricity costs each year. Service and operational costs will also be reduced by about $310,000 annually, public works services director Chris Kalimootoo said. 

The new lighting technology consumes less electricity, requires less maintenance and has a longer asset life, resulting in less frequent replacement, he said in a media release. The changeover to LED street lights is not only beneficial for the environment and overall energy savings, it also translates into substantial cost savings for the town.
New LED lights will be installed on existing pole tops or arms. Tom Taylor Trail lights will also be replaced as part of this initiative. All town owned street lights should be upgraded to LED technology by July 2015. 

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