New Year Power Saving Tips

The New Year is just around the corner and everyone is excited about starting a new chapter of their lives. The holidays have always been a time of excess, even with power. Some people would end up paying twice or even thrice the amount they usually get on their electricity bill over the holidays. However, it’s never too late to start doing something about using less power and saving on your utilities. Here are a few tips to help you start a new power saving routine for the New Year. 

Invest in New BulbsIncandescent bulbs are of course expensive to maintain, government bans have made this obvious. Common incandescent bulbs consume around 70 to 100 watts of power, with more electricity used to generate more light. You can actually get newer energy friendly bulbs like LEDs which use 90% less energy. It’s now possible for 70 or 100 watt incandescent bulb to be replaced with a 7 to 10 watt LED bulb that generates the same intensity of light, making it more economical over the long run. They are more expensive compared to other bulbs in the market, but you can notice the change on your monthly power consumption right away. 

Dimmers are a big help Install dimmers in rooms and areas where you want to control the amount of light. Dimmers are basically knobs that are installed and work with the light system. They allow you to regulate the bulb’s light output so if you want the space to be a bit dimmer, you just adjust the knob. These can help you control your energy friendly bulbs even further. You can get dimmers that are compatible with any type of lighting system at most hardware stores. 

Turn off the lights Lastly, just remember to turn off any lights that you’re not using. It might be a small thing, but it’s a big help. For any comments or questions, contact our customer support hotline.


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