New Year, New Power Consumption Resolution

It’s great to start fresh, especially when it’s the beginning of the year. Many people often set up New Year resolutions, promising to change something about their lives and start with a blank, clean slate.

Why not make a New Year resolution on maintaining a greener, power friendly way you maintain your home’s utilities. These changes make big impacts, and you’ll thank yourself for doing them.

Below are a few simple power friendly lifestyle changes that you can make for your home. 

Consider Investing On Solar Energy Solar energy is one of the cleanest and best ways to generate power that you can use in your home. Turning your home completely solar powered may be a bit too expensive, so gradually introduce this clean, energy source to your system. Start with water heaters. You can find affordable solar panels that can be connected to your water heating system. 

Switch to Energy Efficient Bulbs This is the easiest way to lessen your power consumption when it comes to your lights. There are a number of power efficient light bulbs available in the market, like LED light bulbs, which offer the same brightness but uses a fraction of the power conventional bulbs use.

These bulbs also have a couple more features that make them more appealing such as better light quality and safety standards. Switch your home’s current light bulbs with these bulbs and you’ll definitely see a difference in your power bill in the first month. 

Switch it Off The simplest way to save power is to switch appliances or lights that are not being used off. Many keep their electronics plugged in and turned on even when they don’t need them. The same goes with lights as well. It may be a bit annoying, but double check your plugs, switches and bulbs before you go to sleep or leave the house to make sure they’re off.

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