New Lights Help Cut Costs and Improve Safety in Jersey


Jersey’s looking to reduce its street lighting bill with the installation of new street lamps in St. Helier’s Liberation Square. The new lamps will feature LEDs, which not only use less power, but generate more light. As we move more and more towards a paradigm shift in thinking, having a concern for the environment so that the next generation will have a place to live on earth, new advancements have been made to be more power efficient while lowering wastage. Take the Solar Impulse 2 for example – this solar-powered plane intends to circumnavigate the globe on solar power alone! It looks like Jersey’s street lighting bill is going to get cut in half thanks to revitalized lamps that see action in St Helier’s Liberation Square. These lamps have been fitted with light-emitting diodes, or LEDs in short, that will consume just 33% of the energy of conventional bulbs, and apart from saving the local authorities money in terms of its electricity bill, it could also help improve road safety thanks to its brightness level. Continue at Ubergizmo.


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