Public safety is one of the main reasons why many cities are changing their streetlights to LEDs since they give out a brighter light. The City of Detroit however, is going through some hiccups with their LED installation. Last summer the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) spent $3.2 million on a project to install 330 new lights on a five-mile stretch of I-94 from Conner to Eight Mile Road. The new lights are beautiful, sleek, energy efficient LEDs. The problem is they don’t work. From Conner to just west of Cadieux, every single light is out at night. East of Cadieux to Eight Mile Road, the outages are sporadic. And the strangest thing of all is the lights that do work are also burning during the day. What’s up with that? And why did we pay for new lighting and get darkness? More on the story at CBS Local.


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