New LED Developments that make them a Worthwhile Investment

New LED Developments

As technology continues to amaze us with how fast it progresses, a majority of items that we consider as everyday things have become more complex. Light bulbs, which were once only used to provide light when it got dark, are now turning up with new features most of us would never dream they would have. Below are a few technological advancements LED light producers have made to their products. 

Wireless Control Smartphones have given us the amazing ability to carry the whole world in your palms. These days, you can find an app that will let you do anything. Imagine being able to control your lights using your mobile device? Well, a number of light bulb producers and manufacturers have come up with a design that will let you do just that. You simply need to download an app from their site, install your new LED light bulbs and you’re good to go. These not only let you turn the lights on and off, but some will also let you control the brightness and even the color of the bulb. 

Lights and Sounds Light and music always go together perfectly. Instead of having to set up your music player, you can now play music straight from your light bulbs. This might sound crazy, but some LED bulbs actually come with built-in speakers that you connect to via Bluetooth and play music from your mobile device. Add this to the bulb’s ability to change colors, and you can set up any mood or scene for a party or even a romantic dinner for two. 

More Power Friendly LED lights are becoming more and more power friendly as the years go by. They now need fewer watts to produce a bright light output, which makes them an ideal power friendly option to light our homes. Although they do cost more than other bulbs in the market, you get a number of new features and you also save a lot on your power bill.

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