Not only is New Haven city saving thousand on their power bill with LEDs, it has also turned the streets into a safer place. 

New Haven is hoping its bright idea pays off – the city is replacing its street lights with LED bulbs. "I sometimes don't even need have to turn on my front porch light," said New Haven resident Evelyn Wilcox of New Haven. 

Wilcox said she doesn't have to leave that porch light on for her husband anymore, thanks to LED lights across the street from her Lexington Avenue home. "When I get up in the morning at 3, it's brighter for me to come out to my car and I'm less afraid," Cox added. 

New Haven wants to give more residents that peace of mind through a new initiative to install LED lights across the city. Fair Haven Heights was the latest stop. "We will save 30-40 percent on our energy bill by converting to LED," said the city's chief administrative officer, Mike Carter. Read the whole story at NBCConnecticut.


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