New Features in Outdoor and Entertainment Lights you’d want to Check Out

Outdoor and Entertainment Lights

Newer light bulb manufacturers have really stepped up in adding technology to their products. Today, you can find LED light bulbs in the market that not only have power saving abilities, they also have extra features that can make anyone say wow. 

Mobile Control Capabilities One of the best features that new light bulbs offer is mobile control capabilities. You can actually control and manage your lights using a mobile device like a tablet or a smartphone. Manufacturers have developed apps that will let you connect to the light bulbs and manage them. You can set a timer for them to turn off or on, adjust the brightness, change the light’s colors, just to name a few. 

Colors Gone are the days where you need a special light bulb if you want to color. Most light bulb manufacturer offer colored bulbs, but these only have one color. Newer bulbs, such as LEDs, have capabilities to light up in color and even change colors. These lights are great to have installed for outdoor lights. Entertainment areas will become more interesting with different tones and colors. Some would even let you set a certain light pattens to make the light output blink in different colors. After the party ends, you can simply switch the light bulb back to its regular light output. 

Speakers Lights and music has always been an ideal pair. The newest technology has made it possible for you to play music through your light bulbs. There are limitless possibilities for these bulbs. You can use them for your theater room, dining room, living room, or any other area in your home where you’ll be entertaining or place them in your bedroom so you can play music and relax at the same time.

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