LED bulbs are commonly being used in homes but nowadays, they serve a big purpose on boats. LEDs are now being used by US navy ships to light their interiors as well as keeping everyone on board safe.. WASHINGTON — Few things are more ubiquitous aboard a US Navy ship than fluorescent lights. They’re in virtually every space — topside too — emitting that familiar, sometimes-flickering white light. Fitted as lights in every sailor’s rack, they can emit a hum loud enough to make sleep difficult. But if the makers of a new generation of light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs have their way, the classic fluorescent light will soon disappear like speaking tubes and engine room telegraphs. “The Navy had a need, not just to make itself more energy efficient, but to get to LED,” said Eric Hilliard, a Navy veteran and president of Energy Focus, a company specializing in LED technology. “They were and are still operating with very old technology — T12 lighting ballast technology. They also have a maintenance need.” More on the story at Defense News

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