Myths Behind LEDs: The Real Deal Behind these Quirky Lights


Over the past few years, more and more LED light bulbs are taking over the market with their promise of power-saving benefits. However, there have also been a few myths about these products, making consumers thing twice about buying them.

Below are a few common myths about LED lights and the truth behind them. 

They Don’t Really Save Power “It’s just a bulb, what difference can it make?” Our home’s lighting system actually takes up a big percent of the total power we use. LED lights typically consume around half the power compact florescent bulbs use. They also only need 1/8th to 1/10th of the energy regular incandescent bulbs need to light up. Summing up all the power saved for every LED bulb you use can have a huge difference on your power bill. They’re definitely the best energy efficient bulbs in the market. 

They Don’t Work “It’s a new product, so it should have a number of problems.” Actually, industrial equipment, street light makers, TV makers,car manufacturers and mobile technology producers has used LED lights for a long time. The technology is already tried and tested to work perfectly In fact, numerous industries are finding way to use these products because of their benefits. 

They’re Too Expensive “Why spend so much on a light bulb?” True, LED lights are considerably more expensive compared to incandescent or other bulbs in the market, but the savings on power and maintenance you get covers the initial cost. Prices have also gone down in recent years as more and more light bulb producers are introducing affordable LED items in the market and choices are growing. 

Governments are Forcing people to Shift to it Countries like the U.S, Canada, Australia and a few in Europe have passed energy efficiency laws which are favoring energy friendly bulbs. Energy has become a precious resource that needs to be conserved. It’s not just LEDs being promoted, but all types of products that provide power saving.

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