Museums Starts Switching to LEDs

Museums have shifted over to LED light bulbs to help minimize UV damage on their precious paintings. Read on at 

For many museums, walking the line between having an open, well-lit space to exhibit their collections and providing conditions for these collections to remain unaffected through time has been difficult. Most museums and art galleries use soft lighting to illuminate their spaces, taking into account the layout of the museum halls and how visible the art is to the viewer. This, as studies have begun to reveal in the past few years, may not be the best situation for the art pieces themselves – especially pre-19th century oil on canvas work. Vincent Van Gogh's beloved sunflower paintings—symbols of happiness that use a bright chrome yellow—are beginning to diminish from their past vibrancy. This has been widely accepted as a result of strong and often harmful lighting that the work was exposed to, and it doesn't restrict itself to just Van Gogh's choice of yellow.

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