Water Damage on your Light Bulbs

 Many of us have problems about keeping our outdoor lights well maintained, especially if we live in areas where it’s usually wet and rains a lot. Moisture is one of the biggest reasons why light bulbs can easily burn out or get damaged. This is why we need to make sure that they stay dry and away from water to really make the most of them. Here are a few tips on how you can minimize water damage on your bulbs. 

Newer Bulbs Forget those old fragile bulbs that come with a filament and a glass bulb. These can easily break and can even become a hazard. Newer bulbs like LEDs are made with plastic or a sturdier material so they make great choices for bulbs that are exposed to different moisture levels. 

Place Them Above Ground One of the most common mistakes people do is that they place their bulbs very close to the ground, especially when it comes to trail or walkway lights. There’s a big possibility for water to get into the light bulb socket since it’s so close to the ground. Always give the light fixture a good height so it can keep the bulb inside dry. Some light fixtures will actually work if you place them underground, but these need a special container that protects the bulb from water seeping into it. 

Use outdoor or submergible light bulbs A regular light bulb is not going to last long outside. Instead, you can actually buy outdoor-friendly bulbs and even submergible bulbs, like the ones used in swimming pools and ponds, for your outdoor lighting. Most light bulb manufacturers carry these bulbs and they come in different light bulb types. You can even find energy friendly bulbs that are specifically made for outdoor use.

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