Stage Lighting

When working with a production, you’re going to need to set up some pretty good stage lighting to make the show memorable. Lights can actually do a lot of things when it comes to the stage. It can add drama, set the mood, be used for effects, just to name a few.

Managing these lights is not as easy as it sound, but once you get the lighting set up, there are limitless possibilities of what you can do with it. Below are a few tips on how you can make managing stage lighting bit easier. 

Maintenance Always make it a point to check the lights before and after a show or performance. Well maintained lights will be easier to work with and you can spot any problems early on and stop it from becoming bigger. Certain light bulbs might need more maintenance compared to other.

For example, newer LED light bulbs will last longer compare to most common lights used for production so they will need less maintenance. 

Light quality When it comes to light bulbs, different types will have different light qualities. Some bulbs give out more mellow, relaxing light while others have a more crisp and bright light. Choosing which light bulb to get really depends on how you want your stage to look. Most of the performances on your stage calls for a more relaxed mood, you might want to choose a bulb that gives out a softer light. Bulbs like LEDs are best for shows or productions like rock concerts or plays where there’s a lot going on. 

Organized Lastly, always keep the controls and switches organized. Most of the time, light technicians would double as sound technicians to really get both the sound and lights to work together. There are a number of stage lighting systems that come with a rigged control board so consider investing in one of these.

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