Some people find it difficult to relax even if they’re in their homes. Studies show that many people don’t even get a good night’s sleep in their own bedrooms. Many blame external factors, such as bringing a lot of stress from work or school home, but one of the biggest reasons why we don’t feel at ease at home is because of the lighting. Believe it or not, your light can actually cause stress. Fortunately there are ways to minimize this. Here are a few tips. 

Change the Tone of your Lights You could be using bulbs that give out a harsh beam. Try to use lights that have a warm, yellow tone. The light produced with these is less irritating to the eyes and they can even help relax them. You can get warm toned LEDs at any hardware store and they’re relatively inexpensive if you buy them in bulk. Change the bulbs in rooms where you want to feel relaxed like the bedroom and living room. Just try not to mix different tones together. 

Shade It Up If you can’t change the bulbs in your home, another way is to use lamp shades. These instantly help defuse the light and they’re not as expensive as LED light bulbs. You can find some good deals on lamp shades at thrift shops or you can even make your own if you feel like doing some D.I.Y project over the weekend. 

Turn It Down Our bodies naturally adjust to light, so if it’s too bright, we get really alert. Try to turn off a few lights to dim the area down. You can even install one of those dimmers so you can control the brightness of the room. They don’t cost much, but you’re going to need an electrician to install it for you. For further assistance, comments and questions, contact our customer support hotline.


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