Most businesses, and even some homes, have CCTVs or surveillance cameras hooked up to help monitor the area and protect their property. Along with these cameras, another way to keep their place safe is by making sure that it’s well lit at night. CCTV cameras and lights should work together to maintain security.

Below are a few ways to help make the most of your lights and cameras. 

To Show or not to Show When setting up a CCTV system, one of the most common question asked is if the cameras should obvious or not. Some people would just place them in areas where people can see them. However, others would hide them or set them up somewhere that’s not too obvious.

The presence of a camera can actually scare people from bad intentions. However, the best place to set a camera up is somewhere that it can capture a wide visibility field. 

Keep the Space Illuminated Even if your CCTV system comes equipped with night vision, it’s still best to keep some lights on, especially in outdoor areas. Use LED lights since they give out a nice, bright beam. Also, don’t just stick with one light bulb and place it near the camera. The whole area needs to be well-lit so that the cameras have a clear recording of what’s going on. 

Space them apart enough One thing to remember about placing lights and a CCTV system together in one space is to place them close enough where the light makes the captured video clear but not too close that it could blind the camera’s vision. Placing cameras beside LED light bulbs will only result to the cameras capturing over exposed videos. Position them with a good one to one and a half distance between each other.

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