Benefits From LEDs

Renton City in Washington, U.S.A, distinguished itself as a pioneer through an energy saving program that involved streetlights being replaced with power friendly light bulbs. Renton small business owners are also taking advantage and making the most of taking out old light fixtures and replacing them with light emitting diodes or LEDs, saving on utilities and maintenance costs. David Landers, the city’s Business Energy Management manager, says that there are about 40 different businesses, from small to large, shifting to LED light bulbs within this year. There is an estimated $50,000 total savings from the energy efficiency movement. CD Danza Salon and Spa owner Cheryl Danza and Whistle Stop Ale House co-owner Jeff Lawrence believes that switching to LED bulbs translates to huge savings, and that they can benefit from the city’s energy-saving program. The city offers instant rebates when signing up for the program, which allows business owners to save on the initial cost of purchasing the energy saving bulbs. Replacing old bulbs with their new LEDs became a priority. Lawrence said that electricity accounts for a big part of their overhead cost from their HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system to the compressor that keeps their food and ingredients cool, so savings on utilities such as lights and water is a big help. He’s happy that to get the opportunity to enact real change while also saving energy. Danza replaced a number of bulbs in her salon. From the make-up and styling stations, track lights, a decorative chandelier with 16 light bulbs and outdoor lighting. Thanks to the rebate program, she was able to get free light bulbs, which would have cost around $60 dollars each. Many business owners became less hesitant in switching thanks to the rebate program. Within the first month alone, Danza noticed a $100 difference in her power bill.


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