Dining Room Lighting


Everyone wants to make their homes look like it came right out of a home and lifestyle magazine spread. For most, making their dining room look like a fancy restaurant would be a dream. You’ll love to show it off to your guest and it’ll make meal time feel like you’re always dinning out.

Here are a few simple tips to make your dining room look absolutely wonderful. 

Warm Bulbs Use warm toned light bulbs that you can get at any hardware store. Warm toned bulbs give off a nice, yellowish tone which is very relaxing and homey. It also gives off a softer light which is perfect for areas like the dining room, bedroom and even bathroom. Replacement bulbs like LED bulbs have warm toned types and they’re known for their high quality light output and efficiency. 

Hanging Lights This works especially if you have high ceilings. Hanging light fixtures that have a classic design are beautiful to look at and they remind you of those fancy parties that the elite throw in their ballrooms. You don’t have to spend a lot on these. You can find a number of interesting hanging light fixtures for less and jazz it up. 

Accent lighting Candles look absolutely beautiful on the table as accents. If you don’t want to bother with real ones, you can use the types that have little LED light bulbs in them that mimic the flicker of candle light. Place a few on the table on decorative candle holders or candelabras. Place something underneath them to protect you table from the wax if you’re using real ones. 

Dimmers Have a dimmer connected to your main lighting system so you can control how bright or dim your dining room will be. This adds a lot of drama to the place and it’s great especially when you want to create a romantic atmosphere for a candle light dinner.

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