Office Lighting Deco

 Finding ways to make workspaces more productive has always been a concern for business owners. Most office managers integrate fun and enjoyable programs so everyone in the office or workspace feels pumped up to work, but what they don’t realize is the environment plays a crucial role in keeping everyone awake and active. Here are a few lighting tips to keep everyone active and productive. 

The Brighter the Better So everyone in the office won’t feel sleepy, use bright cool toned LED light bulbs. These give out a nice, bright light which helps with productivity and alertness. You can also provide everyone with their own desk lamps, especially if they need to do a tedious task that has a lot to do with fine details. It’s also important that the room’s brightness is well leveled. You don’t want to have one area of the space brighter than the other. 

Add Some Color You’ll be shocked at what color can do to our attention, alertness and productivity. Some colors distract us, but others actually help us feel calm and work better. The color blue is one of the most common colors that help stimulate productivity. You can add color by using colored LED bulbs or paint the walls, but bulbs are definitely cheaper and less hassle to work with. Bring Some Sunshine In Sunlight has always been the best kind of light, and it’s free. Keep some of the blinds on the windows open to let in some natural light to your gloomy office or work area. Also, our bodies naturally react to sunlight which makes us active. Letting some sun in can help keep everyone awake and concentrated on their task. Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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