Make your Garden Look Beautiful at Night

When you have award winning plants and flower beds in your garden, you’d want to show them off, even at night. Adding lights to your garden will not only make your plants visible when the sun goes down, but it’ll add a whole new element to it. Placing a few LED light bulbs in strategic places will give your garden space a magical and enchanted look. You’ll be proud to have people over for an outdoor party.

Colored bulbs you can’t go wrong with placing colored bulbs in your garden. They help accentuate flowers and colorful plants, as well as add a pop of life to your outdoor space. Some modern light bulbs even have the capacity to change colors in patterns, so you can really jazz up the place and play around with colored lights. Holiday Lights If you think those string lights are only good for the holidays, think again. Use these lights all year round by placing them in your garden. Drape a few of them over some tree branches to make it look magical, or place them on your fence. Another great idea is to set them up from one end of the area to the other to make them look like stars hanging from your garden.

Lanterns are great since they come in all sorts of sizes and designs, like Chinese paper lanterns to vintage looking gas lamps. Not only do they add light and brighten up your garden, but the lanterns themselves act like an accessory for the space, rounding up the design as finishing touches. You can get lanterns in home improvement stores, hardware shops, and even gardening supply stores. Use LED bulbs to give it a wonderful, bright light and your garden will look amazing even at night.

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