Basement Lighting

After all the scary movies that feature a killer or a monster in climbing up the staircase, it’s that one place in the house where nobody ever wants to go in to. The basement is actually a very multi-purpose area where you can store unused items, the freezer and even your washing machine. It’s important to keep this area well-lit since most people actually do a lot of work here, and everyone needs to be careful since you need to go down a fleet of stairs to get to the place. Here are a few tips on lighting your basemen.

Keep the switch visible Keep the switch outside and next to the doorway or opening. You want to turn the lights on first before stepping on the stairs to avoid any nasty accidents. You never want to go down a dark staircase. Some switches even have small indicators so you can see them in the dark. If you’re switch in inside, try to rewire it so you can get a better access to it. 

Use LEDs Replace the bulbs you currently have in the basement with LED light bulbs. These are power-friendly bulbs that will not only help you by minimizing your power bill, but they lifespan is also longer compared to other bulbs in the market. They’re very low maintenance and you don’t have to replace them as often as incandescent bulbs. 

Use a Cool-Toned Light Cool toned bulbs are best for spaces without any windows. They give out a brighter and clearer light compared to warm-toned bulbs. You can find this information on the bulb’s box or packaging or try to look around for sample bulbs so you’ll know what the light it gives out looks like. For comments and questions, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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