Lighting for animals

 Some people want to have a completely different concept for their home. The most daring would be those who place exotic animals in their outdoor area so they could have their own personal mini-zoo. These exotic animal lovers sometimes forget that they need to make sure these animals are placed in a space where they feel comfortable One of the best tools used in making exotic animals feel at home is. Here are a few tips on the matter. 

Light Causes Heat Always remember that placing too much light around these animals will not only blind them, it will also make their holding pen hot. Most common light bulbs like incandescent actually give off a lot of excess heat energy when in use. This is fine for animals that love the heat, like reptiles, but it can also be too uncomfortable for several other species. Your best bet would be LED light bulbs, which generate plenty of light but very little heat, regardless of how long they stay on. 

Day or Night Sleepers Most animals are ether nocturnal or diurnal. This actually affects your lighting setup in a big way. For nocturnal creatures, keeping the lights on at night is fine, but be sure to use dim, warm-toned, low-powered lights. You can use a dimmer to help achieve the perfect level of light for them at night if you can’t find a bulb that can’t emits a low powered light. You can do so with LEDs, which are compatible with dimming controllers. 

Cover the Lights You’d want to camouflage or cover your light bulbs so the animals don’t get to them. It also helps diffuse the light to make it softer and less harsh, especially for bright ones like LED bulbs. Most home improvement, gardening or light specialty stores have light containers perfect for outdoors. Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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