Lighting A Rock Show

Bright lights and loud sounds make up a memorable concert or gig. Music and lights have always gone together. Production teams can give their audience’s sense of sound and sight a treat when they work-in a wonderful light set up for a show.

It can even bring out emotion in people. It’s more than just a few spotlights here and there, it should be something that’s exciting and go along with the music. Here are a few tips on how to light the stage for a rock concert. 

Have a Light Director Some teams have a specific person who operates and controls the lights to make the experience even more exciting. This person is called the light director and works along with the sound director and technicians to synonyms the music with the lights. At times the sound technicians also double as the light director, especially when the production is understaffed. 

Color It The beauty of lights is that you can get them in any color these days. You can buy a set of different colored LED light bulbs at a hardware store or any home improving or garden supply shop.

These lights are ideal for stages since they give off a very bright beam that can cover a wide area. If you can’t replace the existing lights, you can actually cheat a bit by using colored cellophane paper over the bulbs. 

Place them in Different Places Angles and placing also matter when it comes to lighting a stage. Don’t place all your LED bulbs over-head. You can scatter them in the sides and even in the back of the stage to really make it stand out. Place lights in the edge of the stage to help light up the performers. For questions and inquiries, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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