Light Therapy Box

Humans have always had a strange relationship with light. Our mind and bodies basically work along with the light around us, which is why light is being used for medical reasons. Light therapy has been used by many medical fields because of its benefits and non-abrasive nature.

Light therapy is known as a good SAD treatment. SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, affects hundreds of thousands of people who live in areas that experience fall and winter seasons. Most people with SAD are advised to use a light box, which gives out a bright light from LED light bulbs that can help lessen their depression.

There are a few things to remember when picking a light box. 

Outdoor Light Basically, a light box is used to mimic outdoor light. Many researchers believe that this kind of light triggers a biochemical change in our brain that perks us up and minimizes the symptoms of SAD. It’s important that the bulb used inside the box is close to sunlight or natural light. These boxes do come with their own bulbs, but you can interchange the bulbs with LEDs

Compact The light box needs to be small enough that it’s easy to store. You don’t want to get one that too big and difficult to move around since these can take up a lot of space and it won’t look nice in your living room. Stick with the ones that have four to 6 light panels and a handle. 

Price and Availability  You really don’t need a prescription to get one of these, but always talk to your doctor and ask where you can purchase a light box. They don’t cost much and you can keep on using them since you can easily change the bulbs if they do burn out. For questions and comments, you can contact our customer support hotline.


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