Light Therapy and SAD – Alterative Way to Feel Better

SAD Light Therapy

Antidepressants like Paxil and Prozac have been widely prescribed to help people with depression feel better. However, there are non-medical alternatives for those who don’t want to take medication, since there is a possibility that a person can become dependent on these drugs. 

Light therapy is one of the best alternatives to treat depression. This is when a person sits under a certain artificial light in a certain amount of time. This has been known to help people with SAD or seasonal affective disorder, feel much better. 

What makes it better? Unlike buying a certain number of prescribed medications and going to the doctor for regular check-ups, using light therapy only requires you to invest on a special lamp, which usually uses LEDs, to give off the light. Also, clinical testing has shown that this therapy has very little side effects, which makes it safer for people who are trying to lay off the medication. 

Why LED Bulbs? There are actually a number of bulbs being used for light therapy. However, LED lights are the most common and they offer a number of benefits. For example, these bulbs don’t contain any poisons chemicals, such as mercury, which can be a big hassle to deal with if the bulbs ever break. Also, they don’t heat up as much, in fact you can touch them and you won’t get burned.

LED light bulbs are also known for their energy efficient. Since they only need very little power to operate, they don’t really create a dramatic change on your electricity bill. 

How it helps? The lack of sunlight causes depression in sad, which is why people with SAD get thrown off during the winter times. It’s commonly accompanied by a disruption of the circadian rhythm or our body’s natural sleep and wake cycle, which causes problems with sleeping.

The brightness of the lights is said to elevate the person’s mood by making the mind think like it’s getting enough sunlight, helping the person’s circadian rhythm act normally again.

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