Lighting in your space

Many of us are living with children and pets that are always playing and running around the house, so it’s important to take in consideration their safety, especially when it comes to our lighting systems and fixtures. Animals and children are naturally curious, and they might get into trouble with unsafe lights. Here are three simple things to remember about light safety when it comes to your home. 

Always Keep the Wires Organized One of the most common things that causes accidents at home are exposed wires from electronics. Your lamps and other light fixture could have wires that might cause you and your children to trip or get into an accident. Dogs are also notorious when it comes to chewing on these wires and they might break the light fixture or get electrocuted. You can get wire covers and organizers by the meter at any hardware store or home depot these days. You can also hide them under rugs and carpets. Another way to organize them is to stick them up against the wall. 

Use LED bulbs These are new, replacement bulbs for older incandescent ones which a number for countries are actually phasing out. These bulbs are more economical since they last longer and they use a fraction of the power incandescent bulbs use to produce the same brightness. One thing about these energy friendly bulbs is that they are an investment. They’re considerably more expensive than the others in the market, but they’re worth it. 

Avoid Glass The best way to keep your home’s light fixtures safe it to avoid getting glass ones. Although these do look beautiful, they’re a hassle to clean up when they break and you don’t want to have little shards of glass lurking around your floor. For comments and questions, contact our customer support hotline.


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