light-fixture-Light up a Show Room

In any show room, the lighting can make a huge difference. Managers would even spend hundreds, even thousands, just to make sure that their display areas are well lit. The right light can make anything look good, and for showrooms, the goal is to make displays look as great as possible. Whether it’s a priceless painting or a new car, lighting can bring out the best in anything. Below are a few things to remember when lighting up a show room. 

Leveled lighting Remember that you’re not only lighting the items in the show room, but the whole area as well. Don’t just concentrate on the fine detailed lighting. Treat the space like a canvas that you need to prepare. It needs to have leveled lighting. All of the main light sources need to be the same tone and brightness. The area also needs to be bright enough that everyone can see the items even without the detail lighting. Try to use LEDs with the same lumens level since they create a nice warm or cool light. 

Back lighting You’ll need a lot of these, especially with painting and sculptures. Back lights can help highlight the item and make it pop. It can also create shadows that you can play around with. An easy way to create that light-from-the-back effect is to use light tubes that you can get in meters at any hardware or home improvement store. These are easier to work with compared to bulbs since you won’t need to plug them in. 

Spot lights For something that you really want everyone to notice, place it under a spot light. These light create a powerful beam that you can point to the item. An over-head spot light is the best light to use but these are difficult to maintain and move around. You can also use mini spot lights with led lights that you can circle around the item.


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