More and more light fixtures are taking “natural light” very seriously. This one, called the Sunn, works with LED technology and mimics daylight.

Even on winter’s sunniest days, it can be tempting to hibernate inside, under the covers, with nothing but the bluish glow of a laptop screen for light. But glowing blue screens are notorious for disturbing sleep by confusing your circadian rhythms. To put hyper-connected homebodies back in touch with nature, designer Kelton Ray Minor created Sunn, a light that changes in brightness and color in sync with the sun outside.

The light hooks up to a smartphone app, which tracks the sun's cycle in real time in your specific location and continuously adjusts the light's brightness and color accordingly. In the morning, the round Sunn, which uses LED technology, gradually brightens into a warm golden glow along with the sunrise. In the afternoon, it cools down into a whiter color.

After the sun sets, the light mimics the subtle gleam of a fire—our oldest artificial light source—providing enough useful illumination to get pre-bedtime tasks done, but not so much that your sleep will be disturbed.

The whole story at Fastcodesign.Com.


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