Looking for ways to save on your power bill? Other than shifting to energy efficient bulbs, there are a few light fixtures add-ons that you can use to boost up your power saving system.

All these can be bought at most hardware or home improvement stores and they don’t really cost as much. 

Sensors Sensors are great for spaces or areas in the house where you have one or two bulbs present but they don’t really need to be turned on for an extended period of time. Areas like hallways and allies that need light, but are often forgotten. Sensors help by turning the light on only when someone triggers them.

It helps you save power by making sure the light only turns on when it’s needed. This lessens the chances of bulbs being left on when they’re not needed. 

Dimmers Dimmers help you control the amount of light that comes out of a bulb. Some people prefer to add these dimmers to the main lighting system, but for single bulbs like floor or table lamps, individual dimmers are also available in hardware stores. These can work along with new, power efficient bulbs like LED light bulbs.

Dimmers are also useful especially when you want to change the mood of the place. Just by simply dimming the light or making it brighter, you can alter the whole look of the space. 

Timers Ideal for outdoor lighting, timers are a big help in making sure your lights are turned off before you leave your home. Some timers can even let you set some kind of light show which is a nice additional feature. Timers are also helpful when it comes to safety.

Coming home and driving into your driveway without any proper lights on can be dangerous. With timers, you won’t be worrying about driving home to a dark house.

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