Kathmandu valley’s festival of lights will soon be lit up with thousands of LEDs as the power friendly lights become more popular amongst consumers. 

KATHMANDU, OCT 20 - Markets in the Kathmandu valley are overflowing with cheap and multi-coloured electric LED lights as Tihar, the festival of lights, is only a few days away. Stores in Kathmandu’s traditional bazaars like Asan, Jana Bahal, IndraChowk, Mahabouddha, GanaBahal and BhoteBahal are filled with festival shoppers from across the country who have thronged here to buy different types of lamps. Traders said that the practice of decorating houses with lights during Tihar was fast spreading to rural areas too. LED lights are the latest trend among home owners as they are increasingly abandoning traditional candles and oil lamps, according to traders. 

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