Light Bulbs Wars – LEDs vs. HIDs

LEDs vs. HIDs

 In the light bulb market, LED lights and HID lights offer the brightest light output, making them a top choice for outdoor or task lighting. Both bulbs are available in most hardware or home improvement stores, and they come in a wide range of tones and colors.

Choosing between HID and LED lights can get tricky, especially when it’s the first time you buy them. Below is a short comparison between these two bulbs to help you make your choice. 

LEDs LED lights or Light-emitting diodes are powerful and eco-friendly bulbs which have made a name for themselves over the past few years. Unlike the common incandescent bulb, they hardly produce residual heat. What makes these bulbs interesting is that they use a fraction of the energy other bulbs use to create the same amount of light.

LED light bulbs generate the same brightness as a 100 watt incandescent would and it will only require 10 to 15 watts to make that brightness. They also last the longest, so you also get to save on maintenance. 

HIDs HIDs or High Intensity Discharge lights have long been used as head lights, spot lights and even emergency lights. These bulbs have been tried and tested over time, and consumers mainly use them for outdoor lighting.

They’re a good choice if you need a bulb that can provide a light output strong enough to light up wide, open spaces like fields or parks. There are even industrialized versions of these bulbs for heavy duty use. Light quality wise, these offer a very strong, cool light. 

Which to Get? It all really boils down to what you’ll be using the bulb for. An HDI bulb might be better for lighting up a really big area with just a few bulbs. However, for average sized yards or even indoor spaces, LED lights will work wonderfully. You’ll also save on your maintenance and monthly power cost with them.

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