Light Bulb Safety – Dangers of Light Bulbs

Light Bulb Safety

You might know a few light bulb jokes, but there are possible hazards when it comes to installing them. Most bulbs are easy to set up. You just need to screw it into the base and you’re good to go. Since you’re dealing with electricity, accident could still occur and might even hurt you. 

Fire Certain types of light bulbs have a tendency to heat up after a while. If you keep these on for too long, they could become a fire hazard. Keep items that are made from fabric, such as curtains, away from light bulbs. It’s also best to use other types of bulbs that don’t heat up as much, such as LED light bulbs, in lamps that have fabric covers. 

Electric shock When installing a bulb, you might get shocked if the product could be leaking currents from the metal parts. Just recently, Philips, one of the biggest light bulb manufacturers, got into a controversy with their MASTER LED BULB model. Two incidents have reported electric shocks while using the bulb. The model didn’t observe Low Voltage Directive and it was pulled out and recalled. Although most people do prefer to purchase products from known brands, there are many LED bulbs available in the market from different brands, such as Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. (ALT), that assures safety and quality. 

Breakage Most bulbs are made from glass, so if you’re not careful with them, they could break. If you notice a crack or scratch, no matter how small, on the bulb’s surface, don’t use it and dispose of it carefully. If a bulb breaks, keep kids and pets away from the area and clean it up as carefully as you can. It’s best to keep the box that the bulb comes in so you’ll have a container to throw it out with.


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