How to Clean your Light Bulbs

When it comes to keeping a home clean and organized, the first thing most people do is clean the floors and furniture. However, it’s also important to mind the little things, like your shelves, cupboards, corners, and even your lights. Your home’s lamps and light bulbs will look better with regular cleaning, so be sure to wipe the dirt and dust off them. Below are some pointers on proper light fixture and bulb care. 

Cut the power first Before you decide to clean your lighting fixtures, be sure to cut the power first. Working with an object with a direct electric connection can be hazardous, so be sure to cut the electric current. Moreover, some light bulbs can heat up to a point where touching them can result in burns. It’s a good idea to invest in LED light bulbs, which produce very little heat next to incandescent bulbs and even fluorescent lighting. 

Check the fixture’s materials Before you grab a cleaning cloth and cleaning solution, be sure to check what your light fixtures are made of first. Some cleaning liquids are simply too harsh for certain materials, so be sure to check your light bulb’s label for cleaning instructions (if any). A good workaround is to use a natural cleaning solution of water, vinegar, and lemon juice. It’s not as abrasive as commercial cleaners, but it works just as well. 

Use soft fabrics Brushes and steel wool are not what you need here. To clean your light fixture’s glass and metal parts, use a soft cleaning fabric, preferably a microfiber cleaning cloth. Brushes work best for materials made from cloth, but for metal, wood, and glass, soft cleaning fabrics and even cloth cutouts from discarded clothes work best. For pointers and tips on how to clean LiquidlLEDs’s LED light bulbs, call the LiquidLEDs support team now!

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