Beam of led lamp

These days, Wi-Fi networks are increasingly overloaded and slow, and there's definitely a need for novel solutions for creating wireless connections. You may remember that we looked at "Li-fi," the term coined by German physicist Harald Haas during his TED talk where he outlined the phenomenon of using light bulbs as wireless routers. But that was two years ago--did it die on the vine? Li-fi development, we're happy to report, is still alive and well. We looked into it and discovered that recently scientists at Fudan University in Shanghai have been pushing the technology forward. They've proven that they can transmit data via light instead of via the typical radio waves, and they've even been able to increase the connection speed to ten times faster than traditional Wi-Fi. Your old WiFi internet connection might be becoming slow and overloaded. New networking technology called "Li-fi” which uses LED lights could be the answer to your slow internet concerns. Read more at Core 77

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