LEDs Preform Better Compared to CFLs and Halogens


LED light bulbs have become one of the best choices for consumers when it comes to lighting their homes. These bulbs have been tried, tested and compared to other common bulbs such as CFLs and halogens and they have constantly stayed on top in terms of performance. 

Best in Saving Power A common compact florescent bulb or CFL doesn’t give out the same brightness of light as a regular LED would for the same amount of power. They only use a fraction of the power used by incandescent bulbs to create the same light. Same goes with halogen lights, which although does give out a bright light output, still consumes more energy compared to the two other bulbs. Another downside of CFLs is that it contains a small amount of mercury, which may not be enough to become a health hazard, but makes the bulb a hassle to dispose. An LED’s light quality is clear and very bright, even warm toned LEDs give off this type of light quality. 

Long-Lasting Amongst the bulbs available in the market, LED lights have the longest lifespan. Some bulbs lose their brightness the longer they’re being used, but the brightness of LED lights don’t fade. They also don’t blink even when they’re about to lose their light. Their long lifespan helps consumers cut cost on maintenance. They won’t have to change the bulb for a long time. 

Pricy but Worth It One of the most common concerns that consumers have is that LED lights can be a bit too pricy. True, LED lights are expensive compared to other bulbs in the market, but these bulbs will actually give you your money back through power savings. Although CFLs and halogens cost less, LED lights are a better investment. For comments and questions, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.

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